At the SSAA we believe that locally organised industry conventions are very important. With the storage industry spread across Australia and New Zealand, our conventions bring the industry together. We run these events as we seek to strengthen the knowledge, experience and expertise in the industry. The old adage is true “it’s important to work on your business, not in your business” and Conventions are the best way to do that for exhibitors and visitors alike.

The responses from visitors in post-event surveys reinforce the importance of conventions.

Comments like: “The self storage convention for us provides one of the few opportunities each year to learn and mix with industry peers. We would not miss it!”
Gavin Koorey, Hills Self Storage.

“If you aren’t attending the SSAA events you are falling behind in your knowledge and education within our industry. Furthermore, these are fantastic networking opportunities with a group of likeminded professionals that share the same business challenges and opportunities as you.”
Guy Wilson, Fort Knox Self Storage

Target market

Our Conventions exclusively target our specialised industry; the attendees are important to the industry. It is a fantastic opportunity for both exhibitors and attendees, to ask questions and discuss issues in a relaxed environment. If you think about it, where else do industry participants give up their time so readily and enthusiastically?

For the manufacturers and suppliers, these events are the most cost-effective way of advertising en masse to the storage industry to create brand awareness. They can also provide personalised customer education with on-stand presentations and demonstrations.


One sales representative can see more people in one exhibition day than in a month on the road. Face to face meetings at events provide the opportunity to create sales, introduce sales staff, set up future meetings and create brand awareness.

This allows exhibitors to get ahead of their competitors. The more often you and your brand are seen, the more likely you are to be top of mind when people are looking for products and services. You may even encounter the person you have been trying to connect with for months ready to spend time with you!

Trade shows are the perfect venue for new product launches and are also a way to glean the industry’s opinion prior to a full release.


What are your competitors up to? This question is for both the exhibitor and delegate. This is your opportunity to see first-hand the latest releases, what other businesses are focusing on and trends in the marketplace. You can learn what’s hot and what’s not by simply observing the exhibition traffic.


Our conventions are an opportunity to learn about the direction of the storage industry. Exhibitors and attendees have more time to talk to each other, share experiences and expertise, discuss market trends, brain storm, problem solve and exchange contact information for the future.

The SSAA Convention 2018 is on 22-24 August at the Brisbane Convention Centre, Southbank, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Make sure you get out of your business and maximize the opportunities that these three days will provide.

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