When people are considering using a storage facility, these are the key elements they are looking for. Are you ticking off a similar checklist as your customer?

How Good Is the Facility? –
Potential customers need to be able to come and visit and see if it is a good fit for them.Ensure your units are well maintained and clean. Show how the property is secured and that there are no compromising spots in fencing.  Are there locks on all the units? These are among some of the things that customers look for when choosing a storage unit.

Are the Employees Trustworthy? –
Ensure your staff are professional and demonstrate a genuine sense of concern for the safety of all storage items.

How Are the Reviews? –
Checking Google reviews and Social Media is now an important part of deciding which storage facility to utilise. Check reviews regularly and address any issues asap.

Is It Convenient? –
People look for storage facilities that are close by, so it is realistic to think that your facility has a confined catchment area.

Is the Unit Safe? –
Safety is key when it comes to storage. Ensure your maintenance program is up to date to ensure the highest standards are being met. Safety is an important aspect.