The Queensland Government have announced an extension to the 3-day lockdown which took effect at 4:00pm Saturday 31 July 2021.  The lockdown has been extended to 4:00pm Sunday 8 August 2021 and includes the following areas:

  •  City of Brisbane
  • City of Gold Coast
  • City of Ipswich
  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council
  • Logan City
  • Moreton Bay Region
  • Noosa Shire Council
  • Redland City
  • Scenic Rim Regional Council
  • Somerset Regional Council
  • Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Anyone who has been in these areas at or since 1am AEST 31 July and the members of their household must follow all restrictions listed below.

You can only leave your home (which includes temporary accommodation such as a holiday rental) for essential purposes:

  • Obtaining essential goods or services, including healthcare
  • Exercising in your local area – it can only be within 10km of your home, and within 10km of your personal trainer’s home if you are exercising with a personal trainer
  • Attending essential work or school and childcare for the children of essential workers or vulnerable children
  • Assisting a vulnerable person or family member
  • Obtaining a COVID-19 test or vaccination

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Face masks

If you are:

  • in a locked-down area, or
  • have been in a South East Queensland locked down area at any time since 1am AEST 29 June, unless 14 days have passed since you were there; or
  • reside in the same household as a person who has been in a locked-down area at any time from 1am AEST 31 July 2021

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Restrictions for the rest of Queensland

  • All indoor settings: one person per 2 square metres, or 100 per cent capacity with ticketed and allocated seating
  • Stadiums with a capacity of 20,000 people or more will be required to reduce capacity to 75 per cent. Spectators attending stadium events will need to wear a mask at all times, except for when eating or drinking.
  • Private gatherings indoors: limited to a maximum of 100 people
  • Indoor wedding ceremonies and funerals: 1 person per 2 square metres or 200 people or 100 per cent capacity with ticketed and allocated seating (whichever is greater).

For more information about restrictions for the rest of Queensland see Going out, travel, recreation and gathering in Queensland, and Businesses, activities and undertakings.

Consistent with the information previously released by the SSAA:


Self storage facilities provide storage services to a range of commercial and residential customers.  Some of these customers are directly or indirectly linked to the providing ‘essential goods and services, for example: –

  • Repairers of elevators and machinery used in hospitals and other critical infrastructure;
  • Companies repairing critical data and IT infrastructure;
  • Companies providing hygiene goods and protective equipment;
  • Foodbanks and charities providing distribution of food, sanitary items, and other critical products for individuals in need;
  • Emergency breakdown services such as RACQ for batteries and spare parts.

Residential storers may require access to essential items for personal use which may extend to medical devices, household appliances, etc.

Facilities owners/operators should have in place a plan to ensure the safe and effective delivery of services and required obligations including, but not limited to:-

  • site security;
  • COVID Safe Plan;
  • cleaning regimes;
  • sanitation protocols;
  • ‘click and collect’ services;
  • contactless move-ins;
  • operating hours;
  • urgent repairs and maintenance;
  • elimination of employees working at multiple sites;
  • closure of public toilet facilities and meeting rooms.

Under lockdown restrictions, employers are responsible for ensuring they meet certain obligations as detailed below.

Employer obligations

Under lockdown restrictions, workplaces that remain open must:

  • have a COVID Safe Plan in place that is regularly updated
  • ensure that any workers that can work from home are able to do so

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Key points to remember

  • Adhere to the facility COVID Safe Plan.
  • Face masks are mandatory.

Remember that these restrictions are in place to slow the spread of coronavirus in Queensland.