The NSW Government has extended the current lockdown for at least another two weeks until 11:59pm on Friday 30 July.

This means the restrictions currently in place across Greater Sydney including the Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Wollongong and Shellharbour will remain in place until that time.

Restrictions in regional NSW remain unchanged.

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Members have sought some clarification around the restrictions, please refer below to a short Q&A guide.

Q. Can a facility ask potential Storers where they reside before offering available storage solutions?

A. The current COVID rules do not prevent the Facility from asking potential Storers where they live before offering its storage services.


Q. Is a facility’s Storer permitted to move from Greater Sydney?

A. Yes, that is a “reasonable excuse” exception and permits people to move to a new place of residence, even if it involves moving away from a restricted area like Greater Sydney.


Q. Can a facility ask the Storer if they have taken a COVID test?

A. The rules presently only require proof of a COVID-19 test for employees, contractors or service providers travelling from restricted areas for work. Thus, while a facility may ask the Storer if they have taken a COVID test, the Storer is not required under the current rules to take one before moving.


Q. Are there any additional recommendations to help keep staff, customers and the community safe?

A Facility should continue with its COVID safe practices (e.g., making hand sanitiser available, cleaning common areas thoroughly and regularly etc.) and ensure that all visitors on site check in to the Facility.

As the NSW restrictions are changing daily, we recommend calling the Service NSW 24-hour Hotline on 13 77 88 for the most up-to-date information relating to your specific circumstances.