Selling and marketing are undoubtedly important aspects of running your self-storage business. With multiple facilities vying for your target market, it’s becoming increasingly important to differentiate your brand to attract new paying customers.

Therefore the key to marketing is to offer a different perspective, something new and on trend. This is the season to do it, with footy season behind us, Racing season upon us, Christmas ahead of us and parties galore, the question arises what do people do with all of the sporting goods, fancy hats and decorations that are only used annually?

This creates a fantastic seasonal marketing opportunity for Storage facilities to promote the viability of using external storage to de clutter the home.

Points to promote:

  • Storing sporting goods and decorations in the home – no matter the season – can stress people out.
  • Getting into the garage or roof space, rummaging through numerous boxes to locate everything takes up precious time and space that is better suited for regularly used items.
  • A storage unit makes for the perfect place to not only keep everything organised in one spot but also to help preserve the longevity of the items, ensuring they can be reused year after year.
  • Testimonials from others who store their seasonal items
  • Sharing the space with family or neighbours
  • Promoting your boxes and labels

Handy Tips to use to share with clients for when start packing away everything after each major event:

  • Maximize space by placing smaller items inside larger or hollow ones
  • Label all boxes and bags with a complete list of all the contents.
  • Use bubble wrap or newspaper for fragile decorations, like glass, ceramic or lights.
  • Always put the heaviest or most solid items on the bottom of any stack of items.
  • Hang up decorations that need to maintain their shape with a hook or clothes hanger.
  • If you’re storing sporting goods, Christmas, Party decorations in the unit, keep the seasonally appropriate items separate to ensure you’re not wasting time sifting through everything when another celebration occurs.

Your challenge as a self-storage owner is to refine your process and look for areas of improvement, even while juggling the day-to-day work of managing your storage facility.

In the end, it’s the drive to improve that will always set you apart from your competition.