Meet our Board Directors who help govern and guide the SSAA

The Directors of the SSAA Board are elected by the members and play an important role as the leadership group for the SSAA. The board is primarily responsible for governing, overseeing the affairs of and making strategic decisions for the SSAA on behalf of its members.
Board Directors are elected as representatives of their membership category, however as Directors they are responsible to all members.
A Directors duty of loyalty means that he or she must strive to advance the best interests of the Association and its members without regard to any personal gain or advancement.


The board meets 6 times each year. Two meetings are face-to-face whilst the other four meetings are via video conference. Various sub-committees also exist and members of these committees will meet usually by video conference as required.
Ivor Morgan
Ivor MorganChairman
Jason Keane
Jason KeaneDeputy Chairman
David Daddow
David DaddowBoard Member
Andrew Eastwood
Andrew EastwoodBoard Member
Makala Ffrench Castelli
Makala Ffrench CastelliBoard Member
Rachel Grant
Rachel GrantBoard Member
Ryan Coom
Ryan CoomBoard Member
Shaun Bain
Shaun BainBoard Member
Ned Coten
Ned CotenBoard Member Elect
Wayne Dade
Wayne DadeBoard Member Elect
 Martin Coote
Martin CooteBoard Member Elect
Michael Alafaci
Michael AlafaciBoard Member Elect