Jonathan Perrins has been involved in the steel building products and property related industries since the mid-eighties. His business interests include self storage ownership in the United Kingdom and Australia; self storage design, manufacture and construction in Australia, Asia, and Europe; along with industrial/commercial property development. He is the founder of Steel Storage Group worldwide. He was involved with the first Self Storage Association conference in the United Kingdom (UK) and is a past Chairman of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA), following 5 years as a board member. In August 2012 he was presented with a “Lifetime Membership Award” from the SSAA, becoming the ninth person to receive this award. Jon is a co-founder of Universal Self Storage Funds Management (USSFM), which is a fund manager focused on self storage development in Australia and the UK.  USSFM presently has $250 million of self storage assets under management.