Glenn is one of the Bishop Collins Directors, who brings a fun and professional dynamic to the team. As a child Glenn chose to be an Accountant over a vet as he discovered, through work experience, that he loved using numbers and being part of a team.
Glenn loves being a problem solver. His passion for Accounting is continually being fuelled through helping clients when they feel they have a problem too big. Glenn loves giving clients hope for the future and reassuring them “everything will be ok”.
Glenn started his Accounting career as a cadet in 1990 alongside doing his degree. By 1995 Glenn was a qualified Chartered Accountant. Glenn has a broad knowledge of the Accounting spectrum. Having owned his own practice “Harris and Associates” for 7 years, Glenn now loves to focus on business restructuring, property transactions and being a “sounding board” to businesses needing financial advice. When asked to describe himself in 3 words Glenn is very modest in his reply of: “funny, handsome and intelligent”.