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Getting Started In Self Storage

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Our online training program has been designed to:

  • Introduce you to self storage and the industry within which we operate
  • Help you understand some of the most important aspects of managing a facility and dealing with storers
  • Provide you with practical information about our processes
  • Highlight important considerations and useful tips that will help you manage your day-to-day dealings with storers.

All About Self Storage

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A course designed to provide you with a better understanding of what self storage is all about.

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How To Create & Manage Hire Agreements

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This course provides you with an overview of the two hire agreements we use in Australia – the Vehicle Hire Agreement and the Trailer Hire Agreement.

How To Create Storage Agreements

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The information in this course will help you understand the storage agreements we use, the different circumstances in which they should be used and the importance of these documents in our storage relationships.

How To Sign Up Personal Storers

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This course focuses on signing up personal storers, and has been designed to provide you with information about:

  • The main steps involved in the sign-up process
  • The key things you can do to minimise the risk to which you may be exposed when someone wants to store their goods with you
  • Using a checklist to help with the sign-up process.

How To Sign Up Companies

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This course has been designed to provide you with information about those additional steps when signing up companies.

Dealing With Privacy & Handling Personal Information

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This course provides you with information about the ways in which the APPs impact our industry. More specifically, it covers:

  • The type of information you are allowed to collect from a storer
  • Your obligations regarding storing and protecting a storer’s personal information
  • Your obligations regarding disclosing a storer’s personal information
  • The purpose and importance of the Privacy Disclosure Statement (PDS) and the Privacy Policy.

Accessing A Storer’s Unit: When & How To Do It Legally

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This course explores those circumstances and describes the procedures to follow when accessing a storer’s unit in the event of an emergency as well as in circumstances other than an emergency.

We will explore:

  • The importance of diligently following procedures and taking care when a unit is being accessed in exceptional circumstances
  • The principles that apply if access is demanded by the authorities
  • The legal risk to which facilities are exposed by accessing a storer’s unit.

What To Do When A Storer Defaults On Payment

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This course describes:

  • The action to take when a storer defaults on payment
  • The importance of taking reasonable steps to secure the best possible price for goods
  • The importance of taking thorough notes throughout the entire process.

Selling Or Disposal Of Stored Goods

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In this course, we will:

  • Revisit the process for accessing a unit in order to sell a storer’s goods
  • Outline the different categories into which goods can be placed
  • Explore the relevance and importance of conducting a PPSR search prior to selling any goods
  • Cover the methods of sale available when disposing of a storer’s goods.

Terminating An Agreement

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This course describes describes the different rules associated with termination and outlines the procedure for terminating an agreement.

Managing A Deceased Storer’s Unit

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This course provides you with the information you will need to manage a deceased storer’s unit.

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